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Holiday Hosting

keith kreeger


Are you ready for holiday party season?  You're going to have folks over to your home, and your schedule is full of parties.  Here are a few of our favorites for the season.  Any one of these pieces are perfect to amp up your table a bit...and also so you don't show up empty-handed at your friend's house. 

Our Essential Serving Bowl is perfect for any setting and any gathering.  Want to make an impact as you arrive to your friend's house?  Fill one of our Gramercy Vases with fresh cut flowers.  It's the perfect leave-behind.  

Check out some more of our picks below...

Essential Serving Bowl

Our essential serving bowl is the perfect addition to your table.  11" in diameter.  Made to order.  Ships in 2-3 weeks.


 11" X 3"

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Sm. LES Bowl- Turquoise and Gold

Our LES Bowls are the perfect bowl for everything.  Snacks, some sauces on the side or even just a little scoop of Ice Cream...everything looks better in these Turquoise and Gold Bowls.  5" x 3.5"

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Gramercy Milk Vase
from 150.00

The Gramercy Milk Vase in our signature style. Available in size 7.5"

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Gramercy Bottle- Black and Gold
from 140.00

Black and gold edition of our popular Gramercy Bottle.  Available in 7" size

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Gramercy Bowl Black and Gold

The most beautiful gold dripped version of our popular side bowls...perfect for styling out your ice cream situation. These gorgeous little beauties are just waiting to be filled up with your favorite flavor.  5" w x 3" h


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Valet Tray- White and Gold

We started making these Valet Trays last year and we can barely keep them in stock.  They are perfectly happy to sit on your bedside table keeping your valuables secure until you need them.  6.5" x 8.5"


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