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The Lakehouse Bellevue

keith kreeger


We have been working with Chef Jason Wilson in Seattle for a couple of years now getting ready for his biggest project to date, Jason is a James Beard Award winner and was named a Food and Wine Magazine Best New Chef.

His beautiful new space, The Lakehouse, sits inside the W Hotel in Bellevue, WA.   Chef says of the project, "The Lakehouse is my interpretation of a Northwest Farmhouse through and through. A place that is comfortable, yet elegant; familiar, yet sophisticated. Ultimately, a respite, a home for our guests, where we are able to put forth delicious, pure, authentic craft cooking.”

We were lucky that Jason trusted us to create a special body of work that lets his creativity shine through.  He gave us the freedom to play with designs and encouraged us to work in sets so the chefs and customers would look at our work as if they were digging through stacks of dishes that were collected in their grandmother's home.  

Thanks for the opportunity, Chef.  We look forward to visiting soon!

photos by Kate LeSueur and The Lakehouse