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We make porcelain wares for your favorite restaurants, stores and homes.


The Showroom at Keith Kreeger Studios

Now Open Monday thru Friday • 11am to 6pm


Our brand new Showroom Space will be open on a regular basis, making it even easier to shop all of our collections. The Showroom at KK Studios will carry everything we make– Gramercy vases, cups, bowls as well as Keith’s latest limited-edition and one-of-a-kind pieces. 

Open Monday thru Friday from 11am to 6pm beginning on February 12th!

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PICK UP IN OUR NEW SHOWROOM. Weekdays 11am - 6pm

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About Keith Kreeger Studios

Our work bridges the gap between traditional ceramics and contemporary design.  We firmly believe that objects matter and everything we make is designed to be used and enjoyed on a daily basis. 


Keith Kreeger is an Artist, Designer and Maker. In 2009, after living on Cape Cod for twelve years running his contemporary craft gallery he moved to Austin, TX.

Moving to a new studio halfway across the country, with new materials and a new kiln, Kreeger embraced the changed and began to focus on the heart of his work. Forms and the details within became more and more important. Design motifs were chosen to highlight the clean and simple lines of the form.

Keith continued to focus on the singular idea that "Objects Matter" and that his work reflect that simple phrase.  The current collections exemplify clean, polished, modern design. The details of the work and the purpose of enhancing the everyday became the focus of each and every collection.  

Keith is active in the community and sits on the board of the Austin Food and Wine Alliance, is a past-president of the Board of Big Medium, the arts nonprofit that produces the East Austin Studio Tour, West Austin Studio Tour and the Texas Biennial. Keith is an enthusiastic supporter for many organizations in Austin includingthe Andy Roddick Foundation and Austin Bat Cave.

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"In my home, mornings begin with a cabinet full of memories. Each mug I have to choose from has its own story. I’m reminded of a mentor, a friend, Massachusetts, or an artist I dream of one day meeting. I love watching our guests open that same cabinet as each cup is carefully studied. It’s not long before a friend finds the one that speaks to them. I make pottery because I think the objects we use on a daily basis are as important as what they hold.

I think that a meal with friends that you’ve spent hours preparing calls for dinnerware crafted with the same care. I think flowers picked fresh from your garden look better in a vase you’ve picked as well. I think you deserve to know the maker of the objects you use every day."

-Keith Kreeger

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All of our dinnerware is made to order, from start to finish in our Austin, TX studio.  We'd love to get something started for you...take a look at what we can do for you.

Take a look behind the scenes in our video.